About Us

Our Story

BG Thoroughbred Farm in California was born out of a partnership with BG Stables and well-known horse trainer Hector Palma. Not only does Hector have 50+ years of experience in the racehorse industry, he also owned and ran Central Farms in Bradbury for the last 28 years. Palma oversees all the general happenings at BG Thoroughbred Farm including breeding, foaling, lay-ups, rehabilitation, breaking, and race horse training. Hector is the epicenter of BG Thoroughbred Farm, monitoring everything and ensuring that the property maintains a very high level of quality.

In charge of all the day-to-day events and horse handling is Marcos Menjivar, who brings with him many years of experience and genuine care for the horses in his watch. Our staff has a combined experience of over 80 years. Here at the farm, we love each of our horses and it shows with everything we do.

Our Facilities

BG Thoroughbred Farm is an extraordinary facility that encompasses 51 acres in Hemet, CA. We offer many amenities that appeal to every discerning racehorse owner. Some of the options we offer here at the farm are:

  • 51 acres of premier training and rehabilitation facilities
  • 28 pastures varying in size with year-round grass
  • 2 large barns with 20 stalls each
  • Layup barn with 10 stalls and run-out pens
  • Foaling stalls with specially trained 24-hour foaling crew and cameras in each stall
  • Mare motel with 16 stalls
  • 7/8 mile race track with shoot
  • 5/8 mile race track
  • Starting Gate
  • Numerous sand pens for turn out
  • Convenient location central to all southern California race tracks

Feel free to call us at (951) 654-9100 for more information or come by for a guided tour of BG Thoroughbred Farm in California, just northeast of San Diego County in Hemet, CA.